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if that's not enough for you, then i'm not enough for you.

ft ; brooke penelope davis.

18 April 1989
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keely sara jameson,
okay so i feel like i'm writing a personal ad doing this. lemme see. i'm keely. i'm eighteen. i'm irish. i live in australia. i'm single and happy about it. lol. i fall in love way too easily. had my heart broken more times then i care to remember. i'm messy and funny. sarcasm is aplenty when i'm around. i'm apparently kind and sweet too. i can be a bitch. i'm honest. now anyway. i'm fragile. i'm in love. sadly can't be with the person i'm in love with though. i have the most amazing friends ever. i love to dance and sing. i smoke weed sometimes lmao. music is my life. ♥, i'm a waitress and a cashier. i'm weird and crazy. i'm bi-polar, not medically but like my mood can change really fast. i smile when i'm sad. i'm negative. i'm caring. i'm a good listener. i loooove my cats to death. i'm a backpacker. i'm lazy. i can't get up in the mornings. i like to lie in. i can't sleep unless i have music playing. i daydream a lot. i have imaginary friends. i trust people too easily. i forgive but never forget. i'm insecure. i'm amazing basically, because i'm real. :]

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