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haley ++ smile.
if that's not enough for you, then i'm not enough for you.
ft ; brooke penelope davis.
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27th-Aug-2018 04:09 pm - # 0 0 1 -- friends only, betches.
haley ++ smile.

welcome to the land of keely! i hope you enjoy your stay haha. i am so weird. well anyway, you've stumbled upon my crazy world, so add me and find out what life is like. i currently am adding new friends so don't be shy. expect the unexpected when it comes to me i've been really bi-polar lately with my emotions so if you're really judgemental or annoyed easily i wouldn't add me. once you've added me it'd be a good idea to go here, to find out about my life up until now, as you'll probably get an idea as to why i am the way i am. besides that iunno what else to say.

19th-Sep-2007 04:56 am - # 0 2 8 -- shhh, they can hear you.
haley ++ smile.
secret meme.

comment here ( anonymously if you please ) and tell me a secret, a story, a confession, anything. spill your guts. no ips logged. if you've wanted to get something off your chest for a long time and just don't know where you can do it, here is the pplace that just doesn't cause any drama. ♥
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